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We are currently offering 4 workshops this fall:

Saturday October 21, 2017- "Music, Movement, and Mindfulness: Elementary Anxiety Workshop" and "Music, Movement, and Mindfulness: Middle School Girls Identity Workshop"

Saturday November 4, 2017- "Creative Arts Birthing Workshop" 

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Music, Movement and Mindfulness: Elementary Anxiety Workshop for Kids and Parents

Parents: This parenting group will equip parents with strategies, vocabulary, and coping skills for helping young children deal with anxiety, stress, and worry. It will be educational in nature with time for sharing and asking questions about specific difficulties. This group will run concurrently with the kids group. $30

Kids: This experiential group will give older elementary students strategies to cope with daily stressors, vocabulary to describe and communicate their feelings and thoughts, and a community to feel accepted in. Techniques include cognitive behavioral therapy, social and emotional learning, as well as music, art, movement and mindfulness. This group will run concurrently with the parents workshop. $35

Music, Movement and Mindfulness: Middle School Girls Identity Workshop

Through a combination of music, art, mindfulness and movement experiences and group discussion a safe and supportive environment is created for girls to learn, trust, and appreciate their mind and body. Group topics focus on identity development, building self-confidence and self-compassion, and helping girls navigate the transitions of early adolescence. From peer & family relationships, to body image and a rapidly changing sense of self, these groups help girls celebrate their unique selves and foster healthy friendships. No experience in the arts necessary. $40

Creative Arts Birthing Workshop for Expectant Parents and Birth Professionals

Being creative throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum is an essential part of the journey from expectant parent all the way through labor and birth. Parents will learn how to create a birth playlist for all stages of labor, write a lullaby and participate in several creative arts activities. This workshop will give birth professionals an overview of the appropriate use of music for all stages of labor, a variety of art exercises to encourage expectant parents to visualize through a creative medium, and a beginners guide to the composition of a lullaby. This workshop is led by Megan Martin, MA, MT-BC.