Fall Rockin' Sounds

Fall Rockin' Sounds


Rockin' Sounds is an interactive music class for children ages 4-6 (pre-K) that teaches musical concepts and fun in a supportive environment. Using a variety of instruments, students will explore different instruments, genres of music, music theory and application, and learn skills that will last a lifetime!

September 14-November 2, 2018

Fridays 2-2:45pm

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Social and Emotional Learning
Engaging in music activities with others is a great way to learn social cues and emotional responses. Group music activities are structured to encourage interaction between children and their peers.
Participating in musical improvisation encourages children to communicate with each other, learn to listen, and respond in a healthy manner.
Playing with others provides an outlet for social and emotional learning, not to mention fun!
Music Theory and Application
In our program, we are teaching beginning music theory concepts such as: rhythm, dynamics, musical structure, and orchestration.
By using a wide variety of instruments, such as the guitar, keyboard, drums, and other percussion instruments, participants can immediately apply music theory concepts.
Students can learn all about different types of music, from Beethoven to Bieber!
Brain Development
Music in early childhood is important for brain development. By listening to music, singing, and playing music, our brains soak up information for language and speech development.
Playing musical instruments in rhythmic patterns engages the corpus callosum- the bundle of nerves connecting both sides of the brain. This process is essential for brain development in early childhood.
We have fun! And while we have fun, our brains and bodies are enhancing their development through the interactive music activities!