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Music Therapy Social Skills Groups

Music therapy is the evidence-based use of music for changing behavior, promoting wellness and improving the quality of life. Music Therapists are trained to use music therapy interventions to address a variety of goals to improve outcomes for children, adolescents, and adults with ASD and Developmental Disabilities. Our music therapists specialize in group dynamics and have extensive experience in creating meaningful music experiences .


  • To use music to learn social cues within a group of their peers.

  • To engage in a variety of music therapy interventions for sensory integration.

  • To gain a variety of coping skills through the use of music therapy interventions.

  • To expand on existing academic concepts through the use of music therapy interventions.

  • To express emotions in a safe environment and utilize music as a mode of communication.

  • To enhance brain development by using evidence based music therapy intervention.

In a group setting, participants will gather for 45 minutes, once a  week, in a group with their peers and utilize a variety of music therapy interventions, song writing, music listening experiences, instrumental improvisation, lyric analysis, sensory integration, singing and movement to work towards a variety of social-emotional goals. The music therapist will include current academic objectives and reality orientation into each session as well. The music therapist will provide a group documentation note within 48 hours of each session to track progress. 

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