Music Therapy in Long Term Care

We travel to a number of long term care communities throughout the Richmond area, and we specialize in music for memory support, aging adults, and rehabilitation. Music in this setting can provide comfort, promote fine and gross motor movement, create opportunity for socialization for older adults, increase communication, provide extra sensory stimulation, encourage life review, facilitate music assisted relaxation, improve quality of life, and promote cognition. Consider adding us to your program calendar today!


Memory Support Groups

This is our most popular option for utilizing music therapy in the long term care community setting. Music therapy groups in memory support communities use the evidence based use of music to build a therapeutic relationship between group members, family members, staff and the music therapist. Together we sing, move, play, and create music to achieve a variety of goals such as: cognition, life review, reality orientation, communication, fine and gross motor skills, socialization, reducing anxiety and pain, and improving overall quality of life. 


Adaptive Ensembles

Music Therapists are often utilized in older adult communities to help provide an outlet for creative expression through adaptive choirs, hand bell choirs, and small theatre productions. Give your residents the opportunity to sing and make music with their peers. Singing and making music with other people provides an extra avenue for socialization and communication. Groups can meet once per week, or a schedule can be determined to suit the needs of the production. Instruments must be provided by the facility.


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Individual Sessions

These sessions are designed to provide quality music therapy services to an individual chosen by the staff of the community. Often times, this can be useful for a resident who may not be able to make it to the group and needs extra stimulation. Sessions also include documentation and consultation services.


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