Board Certified Music Therapists are required to seek our supervision in order to continue to grow as professionals. We provide supervision for music therapists in the Richmond area, as well as online. 

Music Therapy Business Owner Consultations

Here at Healing Sounds, we support the growth of music therapy private practice. We provide consultation services to music therapists wishing to learn more about operating a small business and how to grow their client base. This can be done in person in the Richmond area, or online. A free 30 minute consultation is included. 

Creative Arts Birthing Workshops

Being creative throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum is an essential part of the journey from expectant parent all the way through labor and birth. This workshop will give birth professionals an overview of the appropriate use of music for all stages of labor, a variety of art exercises to encourage expectant parents to visualize through a creative medium, and a beginners guide to the composition of a lullaby. This workshop is led by Megan Martin, MA, MT-BC.

Check our upcoming events to see when the next workshop will be held. 



It's important to take care of yourself, especially in a helping profession. We believe that you must take care of yourself first before taking care of others. We provide a variety of self-care opportunities for professionals to help you find calm, inner peace, clarity, and express your authentic self in a safe environment. Here are some of the classes we offer for professionals:

Mindfulness Movement, Music, and Meditation

Singing for Wellness

Guided Imagery and Music

Music Psychotherapy