Seven Reasons to LOVE Children’s Storybook Yoga by Abigail Vo, Ph.D.

Are you curious about Storybook Yoga? I am thrilled to be offering this class and encourage a lifelong love of literacy with our community. Here are a few compelling reasons to fall in LOVE with Storybook Yoga:

1. Confidence: storybook yoga is a non-competitive, non-judgmental activity where all children are the heroes in their very own yoga adventures

2. Togetherness: storybook yoga is a social activity, building relationships between children, parents and teachers
3. Social-emotional development: storybook yoga teaches children important social skills and helps them learn to control their behavior and emotions

4. Mindfulness: yoga helps children learn to be in the moment, and teaches them mindfulness techniques like breath awareness and relaxation 

5. Language & literacy: storybook yoga is a fun way to teach early literacy skills and encourage a love of language and reading
6. Adaptable: storybook yoga can be adapted for any age, developmental level, or special need; all children can participate fully 

7. Fun: storybook yoga is loads of FUN for everyone, whether participating or watching, you’re going to giggle, cheer and come along on the adventure!

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