Better Together

This morning I had the honor of working with several moms and their little ones in our Tiny Sounds music class. Tiny Sounds is an early childhood music education curriculum I have created to incorporate original music, as well as improvisation, to reach a variety of early childhood developmental goals. Every week we gather to sing, play instruments, move with props, dance, and be in community with each other. I got to thinking how much better we are when we work together. 

It is these fleeting moments within our community when I feel the most energized. I feel connected to our community, to the earth, and to the music. I get to experience the power of music to bring people together and bring peace and harmony to a hurting world. These moments are like ripples in a pond. The moment being the epicenter of the movement of water out into the world. What we did this morning changed our community. One fleeting moment can change the world. 

I began to write "Better Together" a month ago, after the violence of Charlottesville, not too far from our office in Midlothian. I held my children a little tighter that day. I was saddened watching people tear each other a part. I wanted to help. The words, "better together", resonated in a big way after that day. We are better together. I want my children to know, without a doubt, that my love will always surround them. With those sentiments, I put together a song about love for each other, as well as directional concepts, fine and gross motor movements, and tactile sensory integration. We sit together, in a circle, connected by a colorful band that cannot be broken. My love with always hold us together.