We Love to Hear From You!

In our recent large bodied (facilities) client survey, we collected data on service quality, perceived progress, and reasons for using music therapy services.  Although not all clients responded to the online survey, those that responded did so with stellar reviews of Healing Sounds services and providers.

The top three reasons reported for using music therapy services are to aid in social skill development, enhance or change mood, and improve creative expression.  We also asked why clients choose Healing Sounds over other local businesses. Some answers included the team provides “a great understanding of the population and implement an amazing program”, “Healing Sounds does a great job with our residents in helping to meet their needs”, “the consumers love playing the instruments and being part of the {unique} group”, and it’s the therapists themselves; “Patients rave about her groups!!!”  In order to continue to provide the best programming in greater Richmond, we will improve communication with current facility clients and provide competitive rates that mirror our experience, performance, and quality of services.

We are always looking to improve.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please send them to anna@healingsoundsrva.com.  Your continued support is appreciated!

Anna McChesney