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In March, I had two opportunities for professional development. First, I attended and presented at the Mid-Atlantic American Music Therapy Association annual conference in Reston, VA. Then, I traveled to a retreat center outside of Charlottesville, VA to begin Level 3 of the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM).

At the two and a half day long conference, I attended sessions about music therapy with babies in the NICU, mindfulness and music, and the grand wheel. I was fortunate enough to present alongside my old partner and friend, Megan Martin, on ethics in private practice, as well as lead a round table discussion on running a music therapy business. One of my favorite parts of music therapy conferences is the opportunity to make music with others instead of leading. I had the joy of participating in a late night drum circle and an early morning pound class! Making music with others increases sense of community and endorphins! And I certainly felt those benefits.

Less than a week later I began my journey towards fellowship as a practitioner of GIM. GIM is transformational depth work that uses classical music programs to process work in a relaxed non-ordinary state. This apprenticeship takes an additional two to three years beyond typical training and requires regular supervision. Learning about this method, implementing it into my work with clients, and experiencing it myself has changed the way I practice as a LPC and how I listen to music. Throughout my journey, you will hear more from me about GIM and the benefits of participating in sessions.

If you have questions about GIM or are interested in a session, please contact me at anna@healingsoundsrva.com.

Anna McChesney