New practice. New space. New interventions. New energy.

It has been one month since merging my counseling practice with the already thriving music therapy experiences at Healing Sounds, LLC.  With it has come a revived desire to create new opportunities for my clients.  This process started with selecting paint colors, furniture, and wall art.  I have been able to fashion a space that not only soothes the soul of the client but that makes me happy as well.  I am surrounded by colors that bring me joy and pictures of the quiet place at the “rivah.”  Positive energy pours from the uplifting saying, “you are enough” among others that surround the space.

I realize how fortunate I am that my professional passions and talents are all under one roof now.  With the near completion of Level 2 of the Bonney Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) and the decision to continue on with my studies, I am refueled with new interventions to use with my psychotherapy clients.  This method uses music as a tool to explore one’s inner world based on Carl Jung’s theory of the unconscious.  In GIM, through the use of carefully selected music programs and a trained therapist, we believe that the answers lie within the client.  It is an extremely transpersonal and empowering experience, and I’m honored each time I journey through music to a client’s inner world.

If you are interested in learning more about GIM or counseling at a clinic that is full of positive energy, please contact me at 466.3130 ext. 700 or at