The Solution Might Be in the Music...

Are you stuck?  Are you unhappy and struggling with the next steps?  Well, most of the problem may be in your thinking patterns and the solution might be in the music... 

The cycle goes like this: complain, think about changing, toy around a bit, convince self to remain the same, total unhappiness.  Repeat.  It is easier to make excuses and remain stuck than it is to activate change.  The comfort in being unhappy causes you to be paralyzed by the challenges of making decisions towards your next steps.  This indecision prevents you from exercising the courage needed to move.  Of course, this is the part that is known!  Awareness is only part of the solution, so now what?  Ahead are suggestions on how to enhance the quality of your life and adjust your thinking patterns through music.

1.  Listen to “Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous” by Good Charlotte.  Reminisce.  Read the lyrics.  Laugh a little. Then, put their words into practice.  Practice defining lifestyle quality not by what you lack but what you have through making a gratitude list.  Make a continual list of all that you have and add to it often. Maybe keep a running note on your phone.

2.  Music and Art have always gone hand in hand.  Giving yourself space to create will not only soothe your soul but will rejuvenate your ability to move towards change.  Select instrumental music that is simple yet beautiful. Perhaps piano compositions by Stanton Lanier or violin works by Lindsey Stirling.  Sit in a place where there will be little distractions with the music playing and simple art media in front of you (maybe an adult coloring book even!).  Allow yourself to be aware of mind, body, and emotional connections and reactions.  Then, begin to create.  Take it easy and slow if this is new to you, but be open to trying.

3.  Ever heard that “Sometimes Music Is the Only Thing That Takes Your Mind Off Everything Else”? Well, give it a try!  Pop in your earbuds, and play your favorite uplifting music.  Focus on the lyrics, the instrumentation, the feeling the music ignites within you.  Allow yourself to be with the music and not with your problems.  Breathe.  If your mind wanders keep coming back to the music and your breath.  Then, when ready, journal.  You may be surprised that the uplifting feels have worn off and motivated you towards change.

Most importantly, with any at-home-techniques, check in with your self-talk as you reflect.  If you find the negative self-talk creeping in, choose to break the cycle by trying a different strategy.  Be open to noticing a change in your thinking or in your body in response to trying something diverse.  And if you notice a change…go with it!  Repeat until this new response is your new comfort zone! 

If you want more individualized music strategies, contact us for an appointment for counseling, guided imagery and music, or music therapy.

Anna McChesney